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Helene Z. Hill, Ph.D.
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Truth even unto its innermost parts

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by Helene Hill on 07/19/12

Several people wanted to know if the PI had seen the statistical data.  Well, of course I have no way of knowing what he did or did not look at.  I do know that Dr Pitt's report was provided to the defense and should have been given to the PI for review.  I also know that before he submitted the grant application he knew that I was suspicious that the data that went in to his figure 7 was not true and the results depicted there did not agree with my results performing the same experiment.  He also knew in April, 1999 when he testified before the first Campus Committee on Research Integrity that neither he nor a second post-doctoral fellow had been able to repeat 5 of the so-called 100% experiments and 8 of the so-called 50% experiments.  Eventually, there were 22 failed attempts to repeat the tritiated thymidine experiments reported in the 2 publications in Radiation Research (which Radiation Research has declined to retract).  My lawyer when testifying before the Appeals Court emphasized that the PI had concealed this information from the Committee and from his department chairman.

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