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Raw Data

by Helene Hill on 07/26/12

I am working on publishing the Raw Data.  It is quite a chore as I have to link each file separately.  The links are in 2 forms -- created in the US Attorney's office by whoever copied the notebooks.  Some of the links go directly to the relevant page (colonies or Coulters) and the link is only one page long.  Other links go to the beginning of the experiment or even to the beginning of the whole notebook.  In this case, you have to paginate through to get to the desired page.  Some experiments have only raw hand-written data, others have that and spreadsheet results, as well. 

Dr Pitt and I are working on revising our paper.  I asked the Secretariat of the the American Society for Photobiology to send an email blast to the Society asking if anyone could provide us with colony count results in triplicate.  So far we have had 2 responses, one of which resulted in some very useful data for controls: no more than the expected averages appearing in the triples.  It is very gratifying to know there are scientists out there who are willing to help.  Several years ago, we got Coulter data from two investigators that helped us establish that it was not the Coulter Counter that was flawed.  Believe me, we appreciate all the support we can get.

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